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Case Study



 30th October 2018

Susan was a long-term service user within treatment services and had spent the last 20 years in addiction, leading a very chaotic lifestyle. On release from a custody, she decided things needed to change in her life.  Susan worked with treatment services to become stable on medication and was then referred to Recovery Works. Employment and Training Consultant Katie Bebbington met with Susan to discuss her goals and ambitions, and it became clear from day one that Susan was very passionate about using her experiences to help others in the same situations she had once been in.

With advice and support Susan created an action plan to support herself to work towards her goals. Katie suggested Susan apply for the Service User Rep position which CGL were looking to recruit for as Katie felt she made such a great role model.

Katie also identified Susan’s confidence was lacking in some areas and recommended the Focus and Fly confidence building programme, delivered by Recovery Works to Inspire service users. Susan really liked the idea of this and signed up, gaining a Level 1 qualification in Personal and Social Development as well as a Level 1 qualification in Healthy Living.

On completion it was evident that Susan was often looked to for support by her peers on the programme. It was felt that Susan would make an ideal candidate for the volunteer role with Recovery Works. She has since completed various training days with Teresa, has started a teaching qualification and is now supporting with the delivery of Focus and Fly. 

Susan’s ultimate goal was to get back into employment.  With support from Katie she has recently been successful in gaining part time work as a hairdresser and with further support from Recovery Works hopefully Susan will continue to go from strength to strength.