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Case Study


 25th October 2018

Lawrence has been working with Recovery Works since May this year for help and support with getting back into employment. Lawrence has had a long history of substance misuse and had been using heroin for over 20 years.

In spite of this Lawrence continued to hold down various jobs from running a marketing company to roofing, sadly though his drug use began to get in the way of his work and he eventually stopped working and became involved in crime resulting in him serving some lengthy prison sentences. During this last sentence he began to make some changes and to trained to be a peer mentor for the other men in the jail gaining a Peer mentoring and Facilitator qualification.

On release in February 2018 Lawrence chose to finally address his substance misuse and began working with Acorn Recovery Projects who subsequently referred him on to Recovery Works for support around Employment.

Upon enrolling Lawrence with Recovery Works he was supported to identify individual employment goals and what actions could support him with this. He was also given help and support with a CV and before identifying a role as a Residential Worker for a Charity in Burnley. Lawrence applied and was offered and interview for the post. Having been supported by Recovery Works to purchase suitable interview clothing and following some interview coaching and preparation with his Adviser, Lawrence was successfully offered the job. Our support will continue with him for a further 6 months with regular contact to make sure that the job’s going well for him and to manage any issues as soon as they arise. Well done Lawrence!