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Case Study


 25th October 2018

Kevin was referred to Recovery Works alongside accessing other parts of the MIDAS as he continued to make progress in his recovery and had identified that getting back into work would be one of the most positive steps he could take.

Kevin had an excellent work history having previously worked for the Royal Mail for over 20 years before he lost his job due to his health and alcohol use. Having been with one employer for such a length of time presented it’s own problems as Kevin was unsure what he could do next. Kevin met with his Recovery Works Adviser, Laura, who together with Kevin put together an action plan and helped Kevin to identify his transferable skills and what other industries and employers these would be useful in.

As part of the support we gave to Kevin we also coached and guided him through the process of putting a CV together, something he’d never had before and began to refamiliarise him with the process of applying for work, completing job applications, putting together covering letters and preparing for job interviews through undertaking mock interviews.

We were then able to identify a role with Fedex at Manchester Airport which we supported Kevin to apply for and he was offered an interview and was ultimately offered the job. Since Kevin started work we have remained in contact and provided in work support to make sure there are no issues or address them before they become a problem at work.

Kevin’s CV has since been updated to include his new job and the skills and experiences that he is gaining and can now use for future career progression, he also passed his driving test and gained new found freedom with this. Kevin has sustained work over 6 months and is now looking at extending his hours and applying for roles at a higher grade. The confidence and new skills have set him up for a bright future and career in Aviation that he never knew was possible. He has been very thankful for the support he has received from us.